Not just ordinary Staffing

  • WE LISTEN -- We do not just do the technology piece. We prefer to first rigorously understand your business case and aspirations so that the team knows what to do and can put themselves in the shoes of the end users.
  • We deliver -- each and every time. This is evident from the number of products / projects / apps that we have completed successfully.
  • You can opt to outsource your projects to us with defined deliverables on a lump sum basis. Explain the business case in detail to us and we will deliver with a snazzy modern intuitive UI and a bug free deliverable.
  • Alternately, you can go ahead with a Time and Material contract. This means that there are dedicated programmers who work 100% and exclusively on your projects and report to a Project Manager (whether in India / offshore). Some clients strongly prefer that the team reports to a Project Manager in India who then liaises with his equivalent at site.
  • We help by pitching in with skill sets as and when requested and often even if not specifically asked. Our database skills are exemplary.
  • We provide a robust infrastructure with high speed bandwidth and also a video feed of the office for you to monitor.
  • $$$ :: Average programmer having 2-3 years' experience will cost only ~ $ 1500 per month
  • $$$ :: Senior programmers / Project Managers and even Mobile programmers at > 50% savings !!
  • TRAINED :: Programmers have been taken through the grind and have been trained. You do not get novices who will generate poor un-optimized code, riddled with bugs.
  • QUALITY :: This is our most important selling point. We are pedantic and detail oriented. From spell checks, to grammar to minor format related points -- ALL are important and standards adhered to.
  • SUPPORT :: We pitch in with a support team which includes database specialists, domain and architecture experts.
  • TIME :: Utilize the time difference between IST (GMT +5:30) and your local time to expedite projects.

  • Do not just take our word for it. Do take a DEMO of our products / apps / projects and you will be convinced.

    TRY US -- RoI is absolutely guaranteed -- Time $$ Effort Quality.