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Our client, is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery in India. A renowned brand with a pan India presence.
  • Regional Offices / Branches / Depots / CnF agents or Distributors would do their own billing. Standardization / conformity was missing resulting in errors.
  • There were a multitude of Rates (which vary state by state) and Taxes { Excise, VAT or Sales tax (CST / LST), LBT, Octroi etc.}. This complex real life situation resulted in human errors when invoicing / billing was being done.
  • Integration of data (at HQ) was required to get a pan India picture. This would be available only a week after the end of the month.
  • Some branches would send in data for the month, while others may send in data for 25 / 35 days. Comparison was near impossible.
  • Management did not get accurate figures relating to Inventory, Accounts Receivables, Low or Out of Stock items. Majority of time was spent on MIS generation, rather than business strategy.
  • Sales Reps -- Trip Planning and Expenses Reimbursement were based on excel files and not as per set guidelines. Hundreds of to and fro emails required to monitor this task.
SOLUTION -- BENEFITS       [ RoI achieved in within one year ]
A true 3-tier cloud solution with SQL as the backend with frameworks and C# as code behind.   Forms optimized for blazing speeds .     Ordinary internet lines available at tier two cities are more than adequate. NO requirement at all for high bandwidth internet / telecom leased lines etc.

  • All stakeholders (Branches / Depots / CnF agents) access the same program on the cloud. Rates, Schemes and Taxes are now all system (auto)generated as per State wise master values, resulting in zero human errors.
  • Batch processes, data transfer through email, multiple servers at HQ / branches becomes redundant -- replaced by ONE cloud server. Data is integrated in real time -- always accessible and always live. Dedicated IT personnel no longer required for integration.
  • Our client is now able to proactively take informed decisions with real time live accounts and inventory data.
  • Availability and Quality of MIS is in a different league.
  • Accounts receivables ageing reduced drastically because of effective and accurate real time control and monitoring. Billing dis-allowed by system if debtor has not cleared earlier invoices &/or if credit limits (amount / # of days) are exceeded. Debates between stakeholders regarding goods in transit or ledger / item closing balances drops to near zero.
  • Sales Rep Trip planning and Expense Management is automated, ensuring fairness and parity. No to and fro emails.
  • solution results in massive saving of time, effort and money. Simplified & Automated billing processes = stakeholders.
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