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Our client, the Indian subsidiary of a US based MNC, is a leading FMCG marketing and distribution organization with well-known brands in its stable.
  • Depots, distributors and branches would send in their reports / data to the HQ which would then consolidate them to get a pan India picture. This manual process was laborious, time consuming and prone to errors.
  • If the IT personnel were on leave, integration would be further delayed.
  • Often the reports figures of branch / depot A would conflict with those of branch / depot B.
  • Some branches would send in data for the month, while others may send in data for 25 / 35 days. Comparison was near impossible.
  • Management never had uptodate and accurate figures relating to Inventory, Accounts Receivables, Low or out of stock items etc. Majority of time was spent on MIS rather than business strategy.
A true 3-tier cloud solution with SQL as the backend with frameworks and C# as code behind.

  • Data is integrated in real time. Data is always accessible and always live. There is no integration required. No batch processes are required to be run. Dependence on IT personnel for integration is nil.
  • Managing multiple servers, one at each branch is a thing of the past. NO server management required.
  • Our client is now able to proactively take informed decisions with real time live data, rather than react post facto -- a month after the event.
  • Because of smart programming, Schemes can now be edited or introduced in 1 / 2 days.
  • Accounts receivables ageing reduced drastically because of effective and accurate real time monitoring. Debates between stakeholders regarding goods in transit or ledger / item closing balances dropped to near zero.
  • Logistics greatly simplified. Immediate location and quantification of goods -- whether delivered / in transit / accepted or rejected etc. Debates between Factory and Depots / CnF agents drastically reduced.
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