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Our client is one the top 10 pharma majors in the country.
HR (Payroll) + Sales Rep management
Our client has hundreds of medical representatives (MR) who are on the field -- pan India. Leave application, monitoring, authorization AND Expense reimbursement for field trips was a very cumbersome and a time consuming exercise, leaving the employees dis-satisfied and dis-gruntled.

  • Windfall Enterprises developed a modern web-enabled payroll and HR package which is designed to reduce costs and streamline processes. This software is an important step in the e-enabling of the organization.
  • It allows participants (employees and their managers) to access, request and process leave application(s). Separate modules handle processing of Loans and Advances, field expense reimbursements, and also investment submissions for tax planning (form 16 and investment profile to avail benefits u/s 80 & 88) on a real-time basis.
  • A cloud interface ensures that employees can access their own self help portal while being at any geographical location.
  • The software integrates with the existing ERP software of the organization.

  • MOBILE apps ( Android + Apple iOS) enable employees to view and post their requirements through their smart phones.
    Successful cloud and mobile app deployment resulted in ::

  • Increased transparency. Seamless cloud and mobile based processes allowed all stakeholders to view ticket creation / status / response.
  • Reduced effort. The number of HR manhours required to attend to employee queries dropped to 25% of original. At the same time leave authorization, expense reimbursement times were markedly reduced. Candidates also found it easier to submit their requests through their mobiles.
  • Process driven -- improved quality. Corporate policies were uploaded on the cloud. System validations when requesting leaves, or expense reimbursement ensured a drastic fall in the number of debates / queries between participants.
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