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Our client is one of the top three jewelry (gold + platinum) manufacturers in India.
  • Order taking and order tracking was not streamlined or process driven. Orders would come in through emails, verbal instructions through phone calls, and face to face meetings. Orders required to be re-confirmed and time taken between order placement and production start would be a week or more.
  • There were thousands of designs to choose from and more than a few thousand distributors / retailers who would send in their orders to multiple people within the firm. The paper / email trail was impossible to manage.
  • The Production team often got order specifications which were inadequate or inconsistent and not amenable for manufacturing.
  • The Customer Support team was overwhelmed with queries from clients, with respect to their order status and expected date of delivery.
A true 3-tier cloud solution with SQL as the backend with frameworks and C# as code behind.
MOBILE apps ( Android + Apple iOS) added to enhance customer experience.

  • All Distributors and Retailers were registered and requested to place their orders through the system ONLY. System validations ensured that Orders were 'complete' --- details like carat (18 carat / 22 carat), size etc. were mandatorily required. Automation also ensured that pricing was transparent and known upfront. Distributors and Retailers had thousands of designs to choose from the catalog of designs.
  • Time taken between order placement, confirmation and start of production was reduced to 1 or 2 days only.
  • ANDROID and APPLE (iOS) apps were created to provide alternate channels to customers to place orders. The number of orders placed went up by 2x.
  • Orders were tracked through the system and customers were kept abreast of their order from -- confirmation of order / start of production / in production / packaging / dispatch / acceptance of delivery. Informed clients meant happier clients.
  • Enhanced Quality -- Order rejection was reduced by a factor of 10x !! Number of queries from clients also reduced to 10 % -- leading to quality responses and faster error resolutions.
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